Soul Food: July 19, 2017


Soul Food: July 19, 2017



11 Healthy Breakfasts in under 15 minutes.

Some nights just call for a good, old, comfy meatloaf.  This recipeis perfect with either beef or turkey, plus, it's gluten free!  


Fabulous list of natural cleaning products.  And click here for a special offer from Grove that will give you free cleaning products.  We've tried Grove and LOVE everything they sell!!  But let's be honest, we also really love free anything!

A rich perspective on mothering from our friend and Changing Seasons' speaker, Jeannie Cunnion, "How to Have What You Long For as a Mom."  Jeannie has a new book coming out, "Mom Set Free," that we can't wait to hold in our hands .  The tagline?  "Find relief from the pressure to get it all right."  Yes, and Amen!


Three simple, inspiring devotionals for your summer mornings.   

Helpful reminder that even when we're scared of the unknowns, God. Can. Be. Trusted.


Emily Ley has compiled the BEST Summer Reading list we've seen 
this summer.

The secret to the BEST at-home blowout.

5 little ways to make every day feel like the weekend.

That's it for this week! Can't get enough?!? Check out past editions of Soul Food Weekly here.

"Eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."
Isaiah 55:2