Guest Post: Good Morning Virginia Beach!


Guest Post: Good Morning Virginia Beach!

This morning, we have the treat of having guest blogger, Tessa Duquette share her perfect day in Virginia Beach with us. Tessa blogs and posts via Instagram through VB Basics and we are so pleased to have her blogging for us today! Take it away, Tessa!

Do you often imagine having that perfect day of doing the things that YOU want to do?

I know, I know, it might not always go as carefully as you had planned, especially when children are involved. But we can dream can’t we?

As a mother of (almost) three small boys, it’s often tough to find the time to have a quiet moment to myself let alone an entire DAY of doing exactly what I want. Thankfully, I’m blessed to have an amazing “village” of wonderful people who will jump in to give me that important time alone that every mama needs.

For my perfect day, I’d choose a Saturday, preferably one right around this time in late Summer. It would be a mix of family time, out exploring our wonderful town of Virginia Beach, eating delicious local food, with a sprinkle of a little “me time”, and rounding out the day on a date with The Husband.


Starting at the Old Beach Farmer's Market right when it opens at 8:00 a.m. This is the best time to stock up for the week on local vegetables and goodies, not to mention it’s a great time to socialize with your friends who all happen to be shopping local right beside you! A few of my favorite vendors include Three Ships Coffee (growlers full of strong cold brew), Cromwell’s Produce (one word: PEACHES), The Bakery at Riverside Farm (Cinnamon Swirl Bread), and Mattawoman Creek Farms (a colorful rainbow of produce - don’t forget the cantaloupes).Before leaving, it’s a must to snag a bowl of deliciousness from Hashi Food Truck and a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade from Croc’s for the kiddos. Another fun part of the market is that you can shop the beautifully handcrafted goods. My new favorite bag, the 76th Street Tote comes from the North End Bag Company, which almost always has a booth at the market.


Having grown up in Vermont on Lake Champlain, I love to take advantage of the beach and all it has to offer. Even better is watching my boys grow up enjoying the ocean and their time spent on the beach.

A quick list of my absolute “MUST-HAVES” for a successful beach session with the family:

  • Sun protection - Baseball Hats, the perfect beach umbrella, sunscreen
  • Entertainment - Frescobol paddles (Brazilian pro-kadima), beach buckets & shovels, paddle board, boogie board, velcro ball & catch game
  • Refreshments - Ice cold water, juice boxes, Three Ships Coffee’s cold brew, and the best part: a picnic lunch (sliced fruit, apples from our own tree, sandwiches, assorted veggies & hummus, assortment of nuts, a baguette & brie, cookies & chips)
  • Miscellaneous - Towels, a few beach chairs

It seems to me, that everyone who lives here has their own favorite beach location that they’ll frequent often. Ours is up in the North End, at 65th Street. Parking is a bit easier to find, there isn’t as much of a crowd, and the waves are usually decent for The Husband to paddle board in. After a couple of hours and many buckets of sand castles later, it’s time to take the exhausted, yet happy boys home for much needed naps.

~ “ME” TIME ~

After de-sanding everyone and everything (#truth)… it’s mama’s turn to get out of the house, ALONE (!!!). First stop is to the Elite European Day Spa for a relaxing classic pedicure (make sure to schedule an appointment prior). Afterwards, a quick iced tea from Roast Rider Coffee + Tea and then I’m on my way to the Virginia MOCA to check out their summer exhibits. (Can you remember the last time you went to a museum and spent time slowly looking at art? I can, February of 2014, and it was glorious.)


Finishing up the perfect day, would be a good old fashion date. With my boys happily content just down the road at their Gram & Opa’s, The Husband and I would hop on our beach cruisers and bike to Back Bay Brewing for a local brew before dinner. In the south end of Virginia Beach, we’ve seen a number of new restaurants popping up, especially around the ViBe Creative District (in and around 18th Street). Going out to dinner is always a great time for us to put down our phones and reconnect over good food and drinks. My recent favorite place to eat is Hearth, “Wood Fired Cuisine & Craft Beer” (I highly recommend making a reservation). Right nearby are two highly anticipated restaurants to be opening soon, Commune & Esoteric. Both will use vegetables from their sustainable gardens in back of the restaurants. Always a staple in the neighborhood is Zoes Restaurant and of course Gringo’s Taqueria.

Writing this article has increased my want to actually HAVE this perfect day for myself! And I challenge you to do the same. Rediscover the heritage of our beautiful city of Virginia Beach, notice the old that typically escapes us in our day to day movements around the neighborhood, and celebrate new sprouts of life and culture on our streets and our shores. Reconnect with ourselves, nature, and each other. Take back time, regain our senses, step back and observe. There is so much to enjoy and so many relationships to treasure around here.

Thank you, SO much for sharing your perfect day with us, Tessa!! Want to hear more from Tessa? Follow her blog here or visit her Instagram @vbbasics.