3 Time-Saving Shopping Sites You Need to Know About


3 Time-Saving Shopping Sites You Need to Know About



We are all about finding ways to simplify our life to make time for what matters most. With that in mind, here are three online sites that will Change. Your. Life...we're serious!




Boxed--household products and groceries in bulk delivered right to your door. Stock up from the comfort of your home and never run out of paper towels again! Plus, get 20% off and Free Shipping for your first order with the code "BOXEDOFJO." Get all the details from Cup of Jo here.




2. Amazon Prime Now--same-day Amazon delivery to your house in under two hours. This is a MAJOR game changer, Ladies!


Feeling flu-ish? Get tea, ginger ale and saltine crackers without getting out of your jammies.


Use your last diaper? Get a brand new box delivered before it's time to change the next one!


Unexpected house guests? Stock up on grocery essentials so you have everything you need!


We plan to take advantage of this in a pinch for a last-minute birthday gift!




They even have books! Download the app here, and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (a book we're DYING to read) can be at your door in under two hours!


Amazon, we can't even begin to tell you how much we love you!!




3. Amazon Dash Buttons--once again Amazon has done it again! Simply place an Amazon Dash Button nearby the item you're using and when you notice you're running low, press the button and it will automatically re-order what you need. In the words of our beloved Ina Garten, "How Easy is That?!" We can't wait to use it for Mrs. Meyers Cleaning products!



Have a time saving shopping site you can't live without? Let's hear about it in the comments!