What We're Listening To


Lately, our headphones have been a welcome tool to help us refuel. Whether heading out for a walk or cleaning up the kitchen (again!) podcasts and audiobooks give us life!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


Christmas is coming, friends! So, today, on Cyber Monday (one of our very favorite days of the year, we're sharing some of our best ideas and favorite things!)

First off, the deals:

10 Simple New Year's Resolutions from the Changing Seasons Team!


As we slowly dip our toe into the New Year, here at Changing Seasons, we've been brainstorming up some simple, fun, and, best of all, doable resolutions to propel us into 2016! It kind of goes without saying that we just LOVE a new season, don't you?!

Christmas Gift Guide


So we know that Christmas is NOT all about presents. But let's face it, this month, most of us will purchase a gift, or two, or fifty.

Guest Post: Good Morning Virginia Beach!


This morning, we have the treat of having guest blogger, Tessa Duquette share her perfect day in Virginia Beach with us. Tessa blogs and posts via Instagram through VB Basics and we are so pleased to have her blogging for us today! Take it away, Tessa!