What We're Eating


A blessing of these weeks has been time to slow down and savor cooking and eating as a family. So here are a few recipes we make again and again:

Must-Make Summer Recipes!


Summer is in full swing and if there's one thing we love, it's summer recipes! Below are a few of our recent favorites that you simply MUST try! This broccoli salad is the perfect side dish for a summer barbecue!

Meal Planning 101


It’s no secret, those who know me well, know that I’m not exactly a planner. However, I’m beginning to see that when I actually take the time to plan things out, it saves me time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Yum-O Pumpkin-Gingersnap Cheesecake


There is something about this festive time of year that makes me want to try new things in the kitchen! It may be because I am still at the age and stage where I am not hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.