We are so fortunate to have an excellent team of women, each from different seasons in life, contributing to our blog.  Get to know them below and be sure to check out their websites!

Jodie Berndt

Can't live without: Back when I used to fantasize about being a contestant on Survivor (because what mother of four young children wouldn't want to be sent to some remote island for six weeks?), and they would only let you bring one thing, I was torn between my Bible and my lipgloss. I finally decided that if I got chosen I would try to memorize a few verses and just bring the lipgloss.

Favorite Recipe: I like Grandma George's Christmas cookies. My family likes Mac and Cheese and Peas and Fleas (which you can read about here).

Words to live by: My mom always said, "Get out there and smile!" That's good advice, but I also like my step-dad's counsel to "Eat the ugly frog first." Yeah. Just get it over with.

Beauty product staple: Toothpaste. (See Mom's advice.)

Always willing to splurge on: Flowers.


Jeannie Cunnion

Can't live without: Iced coffee, kisses from my boys, my hubby’s support, and a lot of grace.

Words to live by: Nothing (not a single thing) can separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:38)

Beauty product staple: Mascara and Lipgloss

Always willing to splurge on: Family Vacations

Current season of life: Buried under blessings with a newborn in my arms and three older boys running circles around me. The challenge is always to not treat these extraordinary blessings like burdens and to remember all is truly grace.


Dee Oliver

Typical Daily Uniform: In the morning it is gym clothes, in the afternoon a pair of jeans and usually a white shirt.

Always willing to splurge on: a great pair of jeans

Beauty product staple: This is a dangerous question for me as I have so many favorites!! I absolutely love Bobbi Brown Black Smokey Eye Mascara, Laura Mercier foundation primer, and my latest new discovery, which is all natural and has no chemicals, Beauty Counter Tint Skin Foundation.

Favorite simple pleasure: Sitting outside, (weather permitting) very early in the morning, alone, with a cup of coffee, having some quite time with God.

Current season of life: I love this question! I thought at this stage of life I would be a fifty-something, single, empty nester, traveling the world, but….I have just remarried, so now I am a newlywed, with my three girls still living with me (when not away at school) and a new puppy, that they all talked me into!! So I guess this is what they mean when they say…..” 50 is the new 30!!”


Lincee Ray

Can't live without: Dr Pepper, live music and laughter

Favorite Recipe: The ones Chick-Fil-A use for pretty much anything on their menu.

Words to live by: “The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.” Exodus 14:14

Beauty product staple: MOISTURIZER

Favorite simple pleasure: I love watching people do what they do well.


Lisa Robertson

Can't live without: Coffee in the morning (good, strong coffee).

Words to live by: “If this is my biggest problem today, Thank you, Lord!”

Always willing to splurge on: Beautiful, comfortable shoes (what woman isn't?!) and delicious tea.

Go-to fitness activity: I love a good "twalk." Get it? Talk +Walk = Twalk. Feel free to add that to your repertoire!

Current season of life: Most people would call me an "empty nester," but as a mother to 5 fabulous children, a grandmother to 6 with twins arriving in November, and wife to a man who loves to play golf, watch the sunrise, and ski with me, my nest still feels quite FULL, in the best possible way.


Elizabeth Williams

Typical Daily Uniform: Skinny jeans, button down shirt & my Tieks (these little ballet flats are by no means cheap, but they're worth it--it's as if you're walking on a cloud!)

Words to live by: "Be still and know that I am God."

Beauty product staple: Fresh Soy CleanserLiving Luminizer

Favorite simple pleasure: So, I have a few...drinking sparkling water with lime, my Full Circle Dish Brush (seriously, buy one now!), my essential oil diffuser, Sharpie pens & drinking tea out of a cup and saucer--I love how sometimes the littlest things in life can make you feel SO happy!

Current season of life: Mom to two young kids (1 and 3), and getting ready to double the fun with twins due this fall. I lovingly refer to my season as "Happy Chaos," it's literally a three-ring circus over here!