Soul Food: March 8, 2017


Soul Food: March 8, 2017



Make your bedroom a haven and clear out the clutter.  Here are "10 Things to Throw Out of Your Bedroom Immediately."

Who doesn't love a good thank you note?!?  These tipsare worth noting.  (See what we did there?!?)

Even if you have ZERO  interest in homeschool, this encouragement for the little years will uplift and inspire tired mommy's everywhere.  Our favorite?  "You are exactly who your child needs" and "You do not have to do it all to be successful." 


We recently discovered The Pioneer Woman's fajita recipe and we promise, It. Is. A. Game. Changer.  Seriously!  We've made it twice in the past two weeks using both leftover flank steak and chicken.  They key is her marinade.  It's SO good!  


A quick read on the Power of Worship.

This precious mama's heart on her recent miscarriage will move you to tears.


Sweeter Than Honey
—this new coloring book from Lindsay Letters will give you space to breathe and nourish your soul.


We've got our eye on this pink Mar y Sol tote.  

Past Changing Seasons speaker, Melanie Shankle, shares some of her cosmetic staples.

That's it for this week! Can't get enough?!? Check out past editions of Soul Food Weekly here.

"Eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."
Isaiah 55:2