Soul Food: April 21st, 2017


Soul Food: April 21st, 2017



Great advice for moms juggling to balance motherhood and career.

Feeling inundated by your social media world?  Try these six ideas for a "social media diet."

Bring order to your kitchen and regain control of your unruly pantry.


Could Sweet Potato Toast be the new Avocado Toast?  Hmm...

We love everything about this "Effortlessly Elegant Outdoor Picnic"from Bethany Douglass.


Feeling anxious?  Take a little "Bible Xanax" from Jodie Berndt with one simple verse.

Past Changing Seasons speaker, Sara Hagerty recently welcomed her SIXTH child into her family.  As she's easing back into blogging, don't miss her latest post, "The Gift of Limitations."


Every single one of us needs this key chain.  Y'all, not only does it involve tassels and monograms (what more does a girl need?!), BUT it also charges your cell phone on-the-go.  Game.  Changer.    

Sale alert!  Roberta Roller Rabbit is 25% off with the code: "BFF25."  Yes, Please!

This just might be the best way to spend $10 today.  2 pair of square studs?!?  Talk about a deal!  

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"Eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."

Isaiah 55:2