Soul Food: April 12th, 2017


Soul Food: April 12th, 2017

Image via Cloistered Away


Looking to declutter and pare down?  Here are five tips to help you find joy with less.  Our favorite?  "Less stuff, more clarity."  Or as Emily Ley says, "Physical clutter = mental clutter."  Preach!!  

50 Little Etiquette Rules You Should Always Practice.


Great ideas from Cloistered Away for a Simple Easter Brunch.

Make a week's worth of healthy food in just two hours.The secret?  Food prep!


Helpful encouragement from Lysa TerKerust on Helping our Kids See God.

We are slowly dipping our toe into the Podcasting world and loving it!  New to Podcasting?  The God Centered Mom is a great place to start.  THIS episode with Ellie Holcomb is one of the most inspiring things we've heard all year.  Definitely worth a listen!  

A few podcasting tips in case you're new, too:
1. How can you listen to a podcast?   iPhone users can listen to podcasts on the podcast app on their phone.  That makes it really easy to stream to your car, bluetooth speakers, or just throw some headphones on and listen on your phone.

2.  When do you listen to podcasts?  Podcasts are the PERFECT thing to listen to when cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry, on long car trips, or working out--so basically, anytime!


Loving this Summer Monogram Collection from Barrington.

Sale alert!! SHOPBOP is having a 20% off everything sale through Friday...25% if you spend over $500!   

Looking for more fashion inspiration?  Check out a few of our favorite sites sharing their must-haves for spring:

That's it for this week! Can't get enough?!? Check out past editions of Soul Food Weekly here.

"Eat what is good and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."

Isaiah 55:2