10 Simple New Year's Resolutions from the Changing Seasons Team!


10 Simple New Year's Resolutions from the Changing Seasons Team!

As we slowly dip our toe into the New Year, here at Changing Seasons, we've been brainstorming up some simple, fun, and, best of all, doable resolutions to propel us into 2016!

It kind of goes without saying that we just LOVE a new season, don't you?!

Ready?? Here we go....

1. At least once this year, change your hairstyle! Some of us even like to change color with the seasons--do blondes really have more fun?!

2. Be a tourist in your own town! Each month, decide to explore one new place in your community--museums, library, coffee shops, parks. (Fanny pack not required!)

3. Channel your inner Adele or Aretha and sing through your day--in the car,the shower, or just around your house. Singing is good for your soul and your brain. Don't believe us? Check this out. We would also add to this: DANCE. Who doesn't love a good dance party!?

4. Get moving! Take the stairs instead of elevators and choose parking spots far away to add on some extra steps!

5. You know all those things around your house you save for "special occasions"? Use them! Burn the candles. Drink the wine. Enjoy the perfume. Eat the expensive jam that's sat in your pantry for months. Learn more about this idea from Shauna Niequist here.

6. Pick a time each week and go dark--unplug, hide your phone, and enjoy a quiet moment without any screens vying for your attention.

7. Visit the zoo! Not matter how old you are, they can be fabulous and fun! (Bonus points if you take someone else's small children with you and give your friend/neighbor/daughter/niece a break!)

8. Clear out 3-5 items of clothing you don't wear anymore and treat yourself with 1 classic statement piece.

9. Make someone's day! Each month, find a simple way to love someone in your life--write a letter, take a friend to coffee, organize a girls' night, volunteer, take your neighbor's trash cans in from off the street--the possibilities are endless!

10. Get outside--take a hike, ride a bike, pop on a paddleboard, or just take a cup of coffee and sit still for ten minutes. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy what God has made!